Synergy association

What's the Synergy association?

We have created Synergy to organize various types of activities and leisure for the people working in the IMAG building so that they can get to know each other and share nice time.
The site of Synergy provides all the events proposed to the IMAG community.

How to participate?
All the members of the IMAG community can participate in the activities organized by Synergy!
If you are a member of the association, you will benefit from a discount.
Otherwise, you need to pay the full cost that anyway remains fairly low.

How to join the association?
The annual admission fee is 5.00 €. You can contact the following persons for joining:

  • President: Ornela Ҫela,
  • Secretary: Amira Derradji
  • Treasurer: Jean-Charles Quinton
  • Communication officer: Laure Tavard
  • Robodoc officer: Liliya Tsevtanova